Thursday, January 7, 2010

Okay so i know its been a long time since i have blogged... so i'm here to fill you in.

Unfortunately cross country is over :(... But i am now in WATER POLO! Which i TOTALLY L-O-V-E! My friend and I started off on the novice team but were bumped up to JV! How exciting is that! I was totally psyched! Abut since we are still new and have not been practicing with them for a long time we play in the novice games only. It is great to start a sport and love it but its even better know your good at it. Ive made new friends in the sport too and they are FANTASTIC!

Me and my bff are good friends again. She hangs out with me AND my guy friends. We have settled everything and we have our whole group of friends to sit with and hang out with.

My AP class is better. I finally have an "A", its low, but its still an "A". I am really scared for the final next week though. And really not excited for the semester to end. I have to B's that i need to get up! ugh!

I love my Ipod touch i got for Christmas! It is my other half and i use it ALL the time. It makes it so much easier to go on the Internet! Plus the games on there are SUPER fun and addicting!

OK so this Tuesday during school i was freezing the whole day. During fourth period i started having spasms of cold shivers and i could not focus or speak right. My body became weak and sore all of a sudden and i had no idea why. My head heart and i had a water polo game i was going to go to during fifth period but i knew i was not healthy enough to go. I told my coach and she felt my head saying "Oh, your really hot, you should go home and rest." So first i went to the nurse who diagnosed me with a fever of 102.2, then called my mom and i was sent home where i slept the rest of the day and the next. My fever is gone now but i was told to stay home just in case. Which is totally fine with me cuz i have lots of hw to work on. In fact i have to go work on it right now.

thanx for reading. I promise to blog more.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

I visited Jane and her parents today. Ryan is such a pushover, the girl could just bat her lashes and she would get anything she wanted. She will be a daddys girl. I can tell. I am awaiting the day when they can take their healthy baby home. I know thats all they want to do. I wish them well and i am praying for her!

I have a meet Saturday. Its in Inland Empire at Glen Helen park or something like that. My dad is coming. Im excited he can finally come see me. Now i just hope i do well...

School tomorrow... on the bright side there is no seminary and mom isnt coming to school so i get to sleep in till seven! Itll be the best sleep ill have got in ages! If i ever go to bed! I cant wait for the day when i have a whole weekend with no homework. But that will probably never happen. Oh, well. Thats the unfair reality of life. The reality of high school.

Better go to bed soon! Good night everybody.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

High school. Well there's not much else you can say about it is there? Its stress, its drama, its fun, its crazy, its difficult, its awesome, its new, and its just high school.

I have an AP class which is hard because the teacher talks fast and he goes through everything so fast that its hard for me to understand the curriculum. I am the kind of person who needs to see things to understand and learn about them... all he ever does is a power point, talk about it, and maybe have us do a class activity on it. Of course this is all after he gives us a quiz on it, which we have to take notes for. Its a college class and its kicking my butt, however i am getting a B+ in it so at least that counts as an A.

All my other classes are stressful too. Just homework and grades to worry about... everything is just crazy right now, i have to wait untill everything settles in and i get accustomed to my new schedule.

Cross country is kicking my butt too. LITERALLY. JK. Its not that bad anymore though. Its a lot easier than it was! And everyone is saying ive improved SO much since ive started! Before i could only run a mile and maybe some, now i can run SIX at a pretty fast pace. Ive gotten a metal at every meet except one, but thats becuase i didnt no the course so i started sprinting at the wrong time and wore myself out before i got to the finish line. But then there was a beach party after wards and everything is fine.

Its really hard for me to get everything done that i need to. Such as school, sports, homework, chores, mutual, and meets almost every saterday. Im still working on all my time management.

My best friend, Jennifer, and i are having issues. She thinks that the two i guys that i usually hang out with are really immature, which they are cuz they're high school boys, and she doesn't want to hang out with them. I usually sit with them at lunch and break so she hasnt been hanging out with me. But we talked and she said she really misses hanging out with me and so we are trying to put a schedule together. Which i dont think is going to work. I hope this problem goes away, i really dont want another stress to add on my list right now.

So this is all about my high school experience so far :)